What is CMS and Importance of CMS usability?

CMS (Content Management System) is a software tool or also said as a set of related programs that are used to edit, create and publish the content. Earlier the CMS software were designed to manage documents and local computer files but now the most CMS are solely used to manage content on the web.

The main goal of Content Management System is to provide a spontaneous user interface for creating and modification of web content. The CMS is combined with two components that are CMA (Content Management Application) and CDA(Content delivery Application). CMA is known as editing component and CDA is known as a publishing tool. These two components are unified to contour the web development process.


Here is the list of few web-based CMS tools.

Only a few CMS tools are free to use while others require for monthly pay.

Benefits of usability: These vital elements ensures that a CMS is usable and delivers many advantages:

  • Quicker and simpler deployment

  • Reduces training needs

  • Fewer resistances to change

  • Frequent update of content

  • Reduces cost ownership

The importance of CMS usability: The successful CMS completely depends on how much it is usable. It is corresponding with “ease of use” which also includes:

  • How easy and quick a system can be studied.

  • How efficient it is for regular users.

  • Is it memorable?

  • How errors are ideally prevented.

It has the powerful extensive range of features which as the ability to speed up the performance or can customize the template. According to CMS Company in Banglore, In CMS usability user interface is considered as a major factor which always determines that CMS is easy to use. Here are other factors which determine the same.

  • Support for both experienced and new users.

  • Appropriate documentation and support.

  • Allows the user become self-sufficient with the system.

  • Robust, mature and free from errors and bugs.

  • Intuitive and Logical

  • Safety majors for users can access to the features they need.

Follow each and every guideline mentioned above while deciding upon which system to choose. Hope this article helped you. Get in touch and let us know.

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