The Importance of Navigation for Ecommerce website

The most vital element of your e-commerce website is your site navigation. Let your customer land on any page on your site its site navigation that welcomes them. Customers may come with the specific intention or just to browse but the main thing to know that your site navigation breaks or makes whether the customers sticks around your site.


It’s not just about look and feel. If your site navigation is unintuitive, too clumsy or difficult to use which means you’re putting your site at threat and leaving behind. Without the right organization and presentation including your product’s catalog the information, architecture is critical in getting your experience right.

Why Navigational Design is needed?

A functional web design navigation system becomes quite easy to use, users are able to find their way through your site and more likely to achieve their objectives. Here are few points never to overlook while designing e-commerce navigation:

  • Content: up to date and relevant
  • Inter-linked: User needs a well-linked navigation architecture
  • Tone of voice: fonts, colors, typography
  • Understandability: to keep up the users’ interest easy flow of direct navigation is needed.

Aspects of E-commerce Navigation: By different elements, a functional navigation is composed and those elements are inter- dependent and work as a whole to get the process in action.

More interesting facts on Why e-commerce website must be impressive and functional


Here are the important elements for e-commerce navigation:

  • Search
  • Labels
  • Minimize the number of clicks
  • Images, Videos and Symbols
  • Avoid Redundancy
  • Use auto-complete
  • Filtered navigation
  • Use reviews as a navigational aid

The importance of E-commerce Navigation:

  • Allows potential visitors to find their way around the site, products and services and information provided.
  • Helps visitors to access information easily
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increased sales and revenues.
  • Improves web traffic and search engine rankings.

The navigational design should be easy, simple and obvious. Having a good navigation helps to hold visitors on site as they can easily access information within a few clicks and less time. These points are indeed impressive and this information ensures you to create new opportunities for e-commerce designers and website owners.

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