5 Indications Your Website Should Undergo Re-designing.

Good appearance is not always means everything to the website but it’s also important that website should have the ability to achieve its objectives. If at all websites are not making any good to the business then for sure it has already failed.


If you feel your website is good, then I would like to add few signs that indications it’s bad and right to redesign your website.

  • Poor website traffic: Means that your website has failed to get the attention of your users by having less number of visitors. These happen when your website design is not attractive and content is not catchy enough as a user will accept something new every time they visit. So it important to add relevant content and the information they need.
  • Lack of Engagement: Website is of no use if your users can’t engage with it instead it should act as communication between you and your customers. Give them a lot of space on your site to share their complaints, suggestions, and comments about your services and products. The site should have easy navigation flow and it should ensure that it is useful and relevant for them.
  • Low search rank: If your site is unable to reach the first few ranks then, it is only a few people see your website. This is because of poor keywords and in order to overcome of low search rank, you need to redesign your site which means few more landing pages, SEO, keyword optimization and responsive design.
  • Slow load times: In this case, you need to change the elements which you have placed in your site like it could be web design- images may be too large or template’s too heavy to load. According to the studies which say any website takes more than 3 seconds to load then many possibilities for a user to click on close button. So by changing the elements to know how fast or slow the connection is.
  • Mobile Unresponsiveness: This is a vital part of the website by which every website’s traffic now comes from mobile phones. Make an easy way for your customers by upgrading your site to mobile friendly as if at all your more potential customers are on mobile, definitely, you need to face a huge problem. So make it convenient for them to access your site in all platforms of devices.

Let us know, how is your website doing? Do you need to have it redesigned? If yes, there is a help available for you. Contact us now!

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