How do right SEO and user-friendly design works well?

An online presence is important to your business success. Making your website beautiful and effective is just not enough, it should be all about conveying your key messages and products and services in a systematic manner.

Here are the few ways to make sure that your website is user-friendly:

Keywords: The most important part of Search Engine Optimization. Using wrong keywords you will be never finding by a search engine and your target market. Do you want to target a local, national or global area? With the plan according to your need you can build pages which target specific keywords.

Keyword Placement: Here are the best places as it is important to get keywords in the right position on the page.

  • Title tag
  • Meta descriptions and keywords
  • Website slogans
  • Breadcrumb trails
  • H1, H2, and H3 tags
  • Bullet points
  • ALT text
  • Title attribute on links
  • The main website copy
  • Internal links
  • Footer links
  • URL’s
  • File names

SEO friendly Images: By optimizing SEO friendly images you can amplify your website ranking. But before adding images implement its resolution and kb. Images which are big can make your website slow load so images should be off 30 to 100 kb and resolution of 72 dpi. They should match up with your content and place the images carefully.


Social Media: Interaction and building relationships with associations can help to build your brand identity so Social Media must be part of SEO strategy by which you will be exposed to your business, helps to build trust and gain credibility.  It can provide an organization within your means channel that accomplishes positive results. Get it started by joining facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Digg.

User-Friendly Design: In other words, it can also be said as usability which means user-centered design where both development and design process must fully focus on user perspective as to ensure their requirements and goals are met.

Read complete info here: Why usability is important in Website Designing

Here are the essential characteristics of a user-friendly website:

  • Accessible to all Users.
  • Make sure your Navigation is simple and easy to follow.
  • Keep your Logo at the top and to the left.
  • Add search functionality to your website.
  • Place your Navigation at the top or left the side of your website.
  • Ensure your visitors that where they are and where they need to go.
  • Content: Concise, Simple and Jargon free.
  • Use images that enhance the text, not detract from it.
  • Relevant and Easy to find contact information.
  • Highlight Keywords: Bold, Underline or links.
  • Go mobile friendly.

Wrap: There you have it, these following tips will help you to have SEO friendly and User-friendly websites which both are co-related and never forget to test your website. Testing each link, page, and form before launching your site by this your uphill struggle will pay off and you can see the positive results.

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