Elements of successful website design

A successful website is the one that is capable of attracting visitors and retain them back. The main if this attractiveness is content but the only content is not enough whereas a successful site needs to be an elegant presentation and promotion.


Here are vital elements that can contribute towards the success of your website:

  • Content: Content will also tend to answer the question “what’s in it for me?” It’s a key element to a good website which provides a relevant content that which your potential customers or visitors want. Content should be informative, unique, fresh and apparently useful.
  • Homepage: Most of the visitors make a decision about you and your website by watching the homepage so your homepage must have that ability to convey them who you are, what you do, and why they should choose your service. So never forget to recheck your website and the 1st paragraph of the homepage should be impressive to make visitor stay and browser your website further. Here is exciting insights on importance of images in web design
  • Responsive design: Responsive web design has the ability to create better experiences for users on mobile devices because mobile visitors make up the largest percentage of the traffic.



  • Usability: This should be focused purely on the user interface, accessibility, technical and testing. The easier your site is to use, the easier your visitors will understand, connect and share.

Know, Why usability is important in Website Designing?

  • Functionality: Don’t make visitors frustrated and disheartened with your company by your poor and broken components in your website, Spelling mistakes are unforgivable on a website so the site should be error free and should work quickly and correctly.
  • Contact page: It’s a vital to place key information in an area that is easily accessible because not all visitors will like to peruse the entire site instead they will access only a phone number or address. So important to highlight it on the main page of the website.
  • Speed: Ensure that homepage loads as quick as possible because no visitors will wait for your slow loading instead they jump to someone else website. Visitors are like flashing past so keep your front page simple and fast. read out what are the Crucial Tips to Implement for Fast Website Loading Speed
  • Visual Design: Visuals elements of your website is encompassed by design in the website so it is an important thing to remember when it’s matter of visual design is that to use white space and think about color and usage.
  • Color: It is an important part of your site which expresses different emotions so while considering the effect you want to create on your website choose color wisely and that should appropriate.

Here is the guide on Psychology of Color for impactful website

  • Font: There should be different fonts for all your headings and sub-headings by which it’s an easy way to recognize which is heading and which is a sub heading for your visitors.
  • Portfolio: It’s an important aspect that draws the close attention of your visitors towards your site, products, and services. The portfolio should always show how secure and trustworthy your company is for delivering successful projects and it’s should act has confirmation for a newcomer or new clients. Visit our portfolio 

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