Things that make my e-commerce website attractive

As Ecommerce websites are facing tough competition, it is an average query for all e commerce site owners to their web application developers,“what makes their website best of the lot and can attract traffic”. In an average a Web Development Companies encounters this question almost daily but very few of the developers can solve the quandary. have you ever really thought on it? If not, it’s high time to think about it.

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Design of the site

In fact,design is one of the most important issues that make an e-commerce website catchy. Moreover it has to be user friendly enough so that users can access it easily with easy navigation facility. But the main problem is, there is no formula for making catchy designing of a website; here you can hire an expert web designer only for a smart solution.

Upload quality web content

 Quality web content is the driving force of an ecommerce website that pulls traffic. Traffic comes and visits the site because they get information as well as scope of easy shopping from the said ecommerce portal.  The general strategies that can make website content interesting and traffic puller are:

  • Making content interesting with text and image,
  • Keeping descriptions short and easy to understand,
  • Telling a story for generating interest in target audience.

Site Speed

Faster loading and increased speed are the two USPs of an e-commerce site that retains its market share in online shopping realm. Unless the site loads super-fast, there is chance that buyer may get diverted to a similar other site. Every bounce is a typical loss for the site; hence by adding speed to downloading time you can make your ecommerce site attractive.


People search Ecommerce sites mostly for doing online shopping. Therefore the best ROI of an ecommerce site can be enjoyed if the site offers usability for its visitors. Check the user’ review section: if you find that users are happy with easy navigation, product description, size guide, etc, you can be sure that it adheres to the parameter of usability.


According to general market trend concerning, responsiveness of an ecommerce website is the X factor that brings business. Online shopping is an extremely challenging niche and customers prefer super responsive websites only to browse and finally to do shopping with it. We may call responsiveness is an essential element you need to add at your website.

These are 5 essential points that make an ecommerce site attractive for its visitors. Only attractive, responsive, and informative website can withstand the survival test, therefore making a e-commerce site is important.

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