What makes my website slow?

The website is the place where your business lies and among important links between the customers and organizations thereby it is indispensable to understand the key aspects that make a positive impact on your business.
Design o f the Website, information that it serves and loading speed of the site are the key facts that turn visitors into customer. Here in this article, leading Web Development Company Bangalore will shed light on the facts which effects on website page speed.

Website loading speed: As per the recent report of web analyzer, nearly 65 percent of the web users expects a site to load within 2seconds. In this competitive world, if your site and its pages download slowly, then you may lose prospective customers.

What are the issues that slow down your site?
Loading time of the website is something serious that you need to focus on because it makes visitors stick on your site and most probably those visitors will turn into customers. Pretty good you know!!
Large data or loaded data in a website: size with loaded data will make it slow. Step to optimize loading speed of website arrives with the very first stage of website designing and development; thereby you must not fill every page of your site with unnecessary data and files.
Front end structure: coding and non-optimized images that come under front end are one of the reasons that slow down your website. You should optimize your database or PHP code along with images using image optimization tool and Photoshop.
Using / displaying Ads: No doubt ads which you are displaying on your site are the source of income, but at the same time it effects on loading speed as well as annoy your customers using the site. Excessive usage of ads in the page will slow down your site because most of which is JS based.
Image dimensions: perhaps images are the key, why most visitors get in touch with you, but you should be vigilant while using images over site: just as the case, you should not resize image in HTML (i.e.: by resizing the height and width dimensions), instead you resize the large image, create a new thumbnail and then use it.
Hosting or server location: quite interesting, the fact is that, server closer websites are more likely to have fast loading speed, for instance: if you are focusing on traffic from particular locations, you should be hosted by hosting company from that particular location.
Social networking scripts: It does not make sense to use all the social media scripts in every page of your website. It is pretty good if you can use it once in a footer of the home page of your website because these buttons depend on external javaScripts that could slow down page speed drastically.
Analytics code: google analytics code will also be the reason for the low speed of the site page, the fact is you must have this code on your site but this code should get minimized in JS so that the speed of page will get faster.

Other factors like unzipped code, redundant use of flash, unclear javascript etc will also slow down your site’s page speed. Proper care needs to be taken care from the very first stage of designing and developing the website so that above common mistakes are avoided for the best performance of the website.

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