Url Shortener? Why it is useful in online business?

The concept of Url shorter is not a new, it has been around since 2002, which is in demand till now and will be (most probably :!)  Few say it is good for online growth and other says about its consequences. Today in this post, we deal with the reason why URL shortener is useful. A short article, Have a look

Why URL shortener? web design company bangalore

The process of URL shortener draws closer when we consider social media posting and promotion. There are websites that shortened URL, which makes links more manageable. This process converts long URL into a thicker format. Often unshortened links are unpleasing, looks ugly and does not compel the customer to click on it, while shortened URL looks more professional, pleasing and promote sharing.

Most Popular link Shorteners






How does it useful in online business?

One of the best social media strategies:

Considering Social media optimization of any website in Twitter, URL shortener can help you evade from exceeding 140 character limits. Not only in Twitter but also in other social network likes Facebook, Linkedin and G+ it enable the user to share shortened URL quickly and easily.

Helps to track the clicks on link:

The bit.ly, goo.gl and other URL shortener services let you track the real-time data, referrers on any shortened URL and number of clicks of such consented URL. With this, you can measure the performance of your URLs. here is an example from one of the blogspot link of Web Design Company Bangalore

Look screenshot below and see how you can track a particular link performance:

This is an original unshortened link http://ultimeztechnologyblog.blogspot.in/2016/06/simple-step-to-create-login-page-with.html

and shortened link is http://goo.gl/4mbsGb

Now you can see the performance of link, the total clicks, the source from where the click has performed better, along with browsers and platforms.

Google URL Shortener

It helps in SEO ranking

Sometimes it is for SEO reason, the most search engine like Google, consider it as an effective search engine technique to increase ranking.  It compels the user to check what shortened URL is about, this increase clicks and helps in ranking. as you can see above screenshot, based on the statics and graphs, you can easily plan your next ranking strategy.

They promote sharing:

Since it helps in your SMO part, you can use more content, shortened URL that looks good and clears what you exactly want to describe. More importantly, it is useful in Mobile internet and across Smartphone users.

Other social networks like Digg have launched its URL shortener and stumbleUpon is coming out with the same. This makes some sense that URL shortener services are going to stay alive in coming year with a lot more benefits.

Hope this article clears the concept regarding URL shortener, we will soon publish other aspects related to it. Thanks

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