Why SEO is all about Content Marketing? Is there any secret!

Over and over the question we all come across is why content marketing comes when talk about SEO? Are there any kith and kin between the both? And why it looks like SEO is all about Content Marketing?

This article by Top Web Design Company Bangalore will share precisely why that is:

Why SEO is all about content marketing
Why SEO is all about content marketing

The very first truth is, both are techniques of digital marketing- a method to promote a product/ services in a digital way and the next truth is they go together, correspondence, adhere, amalgam.

Yes, now discourse about SEO and Content Marketing, SEO simply means optimizing the site (on page as well as off page) as per the guidelines of Search Engines where Content Marketing takes approach towards creating and deal out the relevant and valuable content to invite and involve the target audience.

Effective SEO needs relevant and qualitative content whereas successful Content marketing requires effective SEO. They are like 2 faces of the same queen. Looking at this fact, here I am explaining how does it exactly works.

SEO is ongoing process: It requires content and it demands keywords

  • The fact is that, we can’t speak only with images or visuals. To make SEO activity more valuable and effective it requires content and content marketing can satisfy this.
  • SEO requires and demands keywords and using content means consuming keywords.
  • On site optimization involves content: on page Meta tags and content on website pages.
  • Off page optimization, requires content: Blogging, article, and many other things.
  • Image and videos: image and videos require content for precise and clear information.
  • Content marketing supports in linkbacks, since SEO linkback requires content
  • SEO is continuous and ongoing process: to be in touch with user continuously, to solve their query SEO needs content.

We cannot deny the fact, that content is a king. However to make it more useful to the user, we need effective SEO techniques. This makes us clear that content marketing and SEO both are inter-reliant and interdependent.

Hope the article was useful, updated by

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