The concept behind static and dynamic website

We all have one question while thinking about the website for a business,which type of website (static or dynamic)?

Let me clear you with the basic concept of both:

concept behind static or dynamic website
concept behind static or dynamic website

In the early years of World Wide Web, all websites had built as a static website. These are those Sites that are usually written in HTML and CSS only (no scripting) which represents the physical page of a website. It deals with a few pages in a website and is also inexpensive to develop and host, but each page is a separate HTML file which later shows the actual page file, if you wish to share element between the pages (like menu or logo) you have to duplicate the HTML on each page.

Advantages of static Website:

  • These sites are easier to develop since it require less coding and technical skills
  • Static sites are more flexible which facilitates for changes in pages as per the layout and content
  • It is inexpensive and quick to develop as well as to host

Disadvantages of static Website

  • You must be familiar and up-to-date with HTML and other designing approaches in the website if you wish to update the content on a static website.
  • Static website is easier to develop, but it can take considerable time, cost and effort.
  • This also involves continuing cost for updating content.

Dynamic Website:

Unlike a static website, dynamic website uses scripting along with HTML and CSS which allows for interactive website that people can use and facilitates HTML code sharing between site pages. Dynamic website looks advantageous with the interactive features like search box, bells and contact form. It involves with the technical skill like PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and ASP.NET.

It stretches website owner, flexibility to update content to the site. Features of dynamic website could be E-commerce system, Content management system and facility for the client to upload a document.

Advantages of Dynamic website

  • It is more flexible and easier to add or update the content.
  • It doesn’t involve with the ongoing cost unless there is a change in the design.
  • Dynamic website shares the same HTML code for the menu, sidebar, and header between all pages of the website.
  • It also provides ability to build multiple landing pages

Disadvantages of dynamic website:

  • Expensive to develop and host
  • Designing part of a dynamic website is usually fixed than static website

Is your website Static or Dynamic

However, it is essential to know that your website is static or dynamic. If a site merely delivers information without whistles and bells then it is a static website. But if you develop a website that includes interactive elements that viewers can use, it is a dynamic website.

Professionals like web design company Bangalore who can make you aware about which website would be most suitable for your business is one of the smart plan.

Since the static website is involved with less investment, effort and time, many sites from few years are static, however people are grasping the benefit of dynamic website as an effective tool to create professional network and spread business in a massive area.

Choosing the right platform, one that thinks about you standing your feet is difficult. Ultimez Technology takes approach to deeply understand the requirement of a business and delivers them the best solution based on the nature of business and analyses the benefit on to which type of website will be suitable for their business and which one will have more scope.


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